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Calico Creeks breeds our own bunnies, guinea pigs, gerbils and dwarf hamsters to assure good health and many years of enjoyment.


Warm and fuzzy or fast and feathery, we carry both. Choose your small pet from a selection of ferrets, chinchilla’s, hamsters, guinea pigs or caged birds.

Furry Pets


Pet Rabbits





Dogs and Cats are very special pets and we feel because of the over population that we need to support our local shelter. . Please visit the SPCA web site. Calico Creek has everything you’ll need for your new dog or cat.



Polly (Not for Sale)

Calico Creek's own Parrot, 50 years old


Chick Days are from March till 1st week of June.

Chick's, Duck's, Guinea's & Turkey's arriving weekly during Chick Days.

Become a backyard farmer with as little as one chick (Pullet) and start having fresh eggs within 18 weeks.



No Minimum Required!

Calico Creek will be carrying various poultry during our “Chick Days” March through June but we always stock your supplies for feeding, bedding, watering and more throughout the year.

Kids love Chick Days!






Fish Room