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Feed Priced for today's economy:

Country Acres Purina - Sweet

Country Acres  Purina - Pellet

  Stock & Stable Nutrena - Sweet

Stock & Stable Nutrena - Pellet

Stock & Stable Nutrena - All Stock


We are a Purina feeds dealer for livestock and companion animal feeds, which includes dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, chickens, llamas, alpacas, wild birds and deer. If it eats, we feed it. We even offer the Mazzuri line of feeds for exotic and zoo animals. Our pets, caged birds and small animal food line is extensive too.

Chicken Feed

Becoming the backyard farmer is the newest trend! You don't have to own a farm, to raise chicks, you can have as little as 1! and they make great pets.

Raising chickens is an inexpensive and relatively trouble-free pastime. If you start a flock in early spring they could have fresh eggs by early summer. If you want to raise your chicks the right way start-em off the right way, with Start & Grow or Flock raiser from Purina Mills.

Register your Chicks at for valuable coupons.


Wild Bird Seed


Purina Wild Bird Chow Frequent Buyers Program

Buy 8, Get One Free


Wild Bird Feeders


Wild birds and Wildlife
We carry a wide variety of feeders, houses and feed for your outdoor friends. As well as Pond products, supplies and a friendly staff to answer your questions.


Hummingbird Supplies

It's Hummingbird Season so don't forget these little guys.  Hummingbirds will feed 5 to 8 times every hour for 30 to 60 seconds. Come see our unique feeders and supplies at Calico Creek Feed and Pet.


Farm Call
Calico Creek offers a wide range of services including Farm Calls. We know how difficult it can sometimes be to choose the right feed for your animals. Please contact us at 570-726-DOGS (3647) or email us at and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or stop by and help you determine the proper feeding schedule.


Equine Feed

Country Acres Horse Feed (pictured above)

Why Country Acres instead of Mill Mix?

  • Consistency - Every bag is the same

  • Safety - No harmful ingredients   

  • Health - A perfect balance feed

  • Efficiency - Save yourself time & money

 Full Line of

Nutrena Horse Feeds


Horse Feed

A Difference You Can See!

Omolene 200,300,400 and Equine Senior contains patented amplify nugget with enhanced Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Equine Senior is #1 Veterinarian Recommended for the special needs of older horses.

* More Information Available at the Store*

Dog Food

Calico Creek carries Exclusive (House Brand), Royal Canin, Science Diet, Natural Choice by Nutro, Nutro Ultra Holistic, Eagle Pack Holistic, Chick Soup for the Soul Holistic and Pedigree to mention a few.


Many of the above brands offer a frequent purchase program ask your friendly Calico Creek Sales Person to Sign you up!


 Cat Food

Critter and Bird Food